L’École buissonnière (Playing Hooky)

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A meeting of dance and song (age 4 and up)

Playing Hooky draws on the unique and captivating world of poet Jacques Prévert, as a celebration of music, children’s rhymes, creativity, perseverance and camaraderie.

Through a cycle of song and dance highlighting childhood and its effervescent imagination, Playing Hooky takes place in the playground and classroom, finding what’s fun and poetic for some kids but also a marginality for others. The lively, light-hearted choreography spurs the quartet of versatile dancers to sing too.

Once again Pierre-Paul Savoie calls upon Benoît Côté who composed the music for Contes pour enfants pas sages (Tales for Naughty Childrenand Les chaises (The Chairs)The composer breathes new life into the musical forms of nursery rhymes and children’s songs, accompanied by the voices of Alexandre Désilets and Amylie.

A co-production of PPS Danse and Moncton’s DansEncorps.

Date/TimeDate et heure
10 December 2017 à 14h00 10 December 2017 at 2:00 pm

Maison des Arts de Laval
395, boul de la Concorde Ouest
Laval, QC
H7N 5W1 Canada