Lael Stellick

PPS Danse - Lael Stellick - © Diana Chemm

Lael has been performing in Montreal for many years as a performer, actor and dancer as well as developing as a choreographer. He pursued his dream of being an actor after graduating from John Abbott College Theater Program while being in various films, music videos and theater pieces.

Lael started to develop his theatrical physicality, which led him to study at the   Concordia University Dance Program. Since then Lael has pursued his dance carrier and has worked for numerous choreographers and companies such as PPS Danse, Parts+Labour Danse, Sasha Kleinplatz, Lara Kramer, Marie Beland, and Virginie Brunelle to name a few. Lael has been choreographing recently while collaborating with various artists on projects Division (2011) and Breakaway (2012) and is currently developing two other collaboration projects for 2016-17, Moving Picture with CHA Design Collective and La Valse Masculine with Simon-Xavier Lefebvre as well as slowly developing his passion project Waiting for the near future.