A coproduction by PPS Danse and Sacré Tympan


Photo : Rolline Laporte

Attractions, co-produced with the Sacré Tympan company, features two dancers and two musicians. Opposed and complementary, they explore the zones and interactive forces of their respective languages by multiplying the cross-hunting, opening up new scenic perspectives.

How space and time are shared? how the musicality of dancers in contact with an instrument is expressed and, conversely, that of musicians in relation to dance? how both interpret the notions of fluidity, rhythm, tempo, silence, performance? etc.

Here the voices, the melodic lines, the choreographic plots compose the fragments of a magnetic exploration between dance and music.

Design Pierre Labbé and Pierre-Paul Savoie
Directed by Pierre-Paul Savoie
Music design Pierre Labbé
Choreography by Pierre-Paul Savoie, in collaboration with the dancers
Dancers Nicolas Boivin and Roxane Duchesne-Roy
Musicians Élisabeth Giroux and Pierre Labbé
Costumes Leïlah Dufour Forget
Lighting André Rioux
Alexandre Carlos and Émilie Girard-Charest also contributed to the research