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Through a song cycle celebrating childhood and its effervescent imagination, Playing Hooky takes place in the playground and classroom, finding what’s fun and poetic for some kids but also a marginality for others.

Workshop “The Chairs”

The aim of these workshops is to spark participants’ interest in contemporary dance through the process of creating choreography in a theatrical setting. Participants assume the roles of actors and choreographers, becoming members of the cast. They are stimulated to explore their interests and talents, trying out mini-roles in the fascinating worlds of choreography, acting and dance.

Workshop “Tales”

Along with its performance of Tales for Naughty Children, PPS Danse offers a series of choreographic initiation workshops for elementary school students. Based on stories by Jacques Prévert, these beginner workshops in choreography spark participants’ interest in contemporary dance and the process of creating choreography.


In this choreographic tragicomedy, an elderly couple, aged 94 and 95, to ward off boredom, solitude and isolation, welcome a steady stream of imaginary guests at their door. This original adaptation of Eugène Ionescu’s play seamlessly integrates dance, theatre and music.


Un spectacle où, tel un chœur dans une cathédrale, la danse, les mots et la musique se fondent en une seule voix pour faire écho à l’œuvre de Lhasa de Sela qui nous appelle à célébrer la vie en toute sérénité.