Tours and creations: an exciting 29th season!

The curtain rises on PPS Danse’s 29th season in timely fashion with a series of performances of Léo Ferré / Corps Amour Anarchie at three cities in France. This series will be followed by a tour of several Québec cities in the fall and spring. At the same time, L’École buissonnière (Playing Hooky) continues its itinerary of performances for children highlighting the delightful poetry of Jacques Prévert. Our busy schedule this year will include two new creations, one aimed at youth audiences and the other for the adult public. Keep in touch!


Photo : Jean-François LeBlanc

Tours in France and Québec: Léo Ferré / Corps Amour Anarchie

In a version adapted for piano and voice, the show Léo Ferré / Corps Amour Anarchie continues to evolve, combining poetry, music and contemporary dance. While this is a more intimate adaptation, it is no less powerful. Léo Ferré / Corps Amour Anarchie  will tour with a cast of six dancers, three singers and a pianist.

Co-produced with Coup de cœur francophone, and conceived and directed by Pierre-Paul Savoie, the show will be presented at three venues in France in October, featuring the voices of BïaBetty Bonifassi and Alexandre Désilets, along with six dancers interpreting choreographies by Hélène Blackburn, Alexandre Carlos, Emmanuel Jouthe, Anne PlamondonDavid Rancourt and Pierre-Paul Savoie.

Accompanied by Alexis Dumais at the piano, the company presents Ferré with strength and originality in a presentation that takes the words and movement to new heights.

Dancers: Alexandre CarlosJossua Collin-DufourMarilyne CyrRoxane Duchesne-RoySarah Harton and David Rancourt or François Richard.


Photo : Rolline Laporte

A 100th performance of L’École buissonnière (Playing Hooky)

A new tour will take the Québec cast and crew of L’École buissonnière to Gatineau, by way of Saint-Hyacinthe, Valleyfield, Granby, Sainte-Thérèse, Sherbrooke and Brossard. Some 20 performances have been confirmed for these cities. We will be celebrating our 100th performance of the show in Quebec City, at the Théâtre Jeunesse Les Gros Becs, partner of La Rotonde.

L’École buissonnière (Playing Hooky) brings to life the world of Jacques Prévert in a celebration of  children’s games, dance, song, music and poetry, creativity, perseverance and camaraderie.




Répétition. Photo : Céline Lapointe

Attractions  ̶  general public creation

Pierre Labbé, of Sacré Tympan, and Pierre-Paul Savoie, of PPS Danse, have been working for several months on a creation project exploring the potentialities of a dance/music encounter that examines the intersecting zones and forces of attraction between the two artistic languages.

Co-produced by the two companies, Attractions depicts this encounter between two dancers and two musicians live on stage. Several artists’ residencies have already taken place with others scheduled for this season. The creation is planned for the fall of 2019.  To be continued…



Illustration : Manon Gauthier

Le trésor  ̶  youth audience creation

Having more recently focused on the adaptation of various works from the French repertoire to conceive his youth creations, Pierre-Paul Savoie is now delving into Québec works to expand his choreographic repertoire. This new terrain draws on children’s songs and youth illustration, rich material for a vibrant selection of short choreographic gems, textual, musical and iconographic, assembled with thoughtful sensitivity.





Anne-Valérie Côté

New to the team

Having joined the PPS Danse team this past summer, Anne-Valérie Côté  now assumes the company’s general coordination, replacing Anne Massacré to whom we extend our warmest thanks. An invaluable asset, Anne-Valérie brings her extensive knowledge and experience of the performance arts.





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PPS_communique_Saison_2018_2019 (In French)

PPS Danse performs across Québec: a nomadic season

PPS Danse embarks on an outstanding 2017-2018 season in Québec with four different shows being presented across the province: the powerful Corps Amour Anarchie/ Léo Ferré kicks off the Québec tour; followed by the poetic L’École buissonnière (Playing Hooky) which has also been invited to perform in Hong Kong; the now classic Bagne continues its sensational tour in Laval; while the imaginative Les Chaises (The Chairs) is set to delight young and old alike in east-end Montreal. Mark your upcoming calendars!

Corps Amour Anarchie / Léo Ferré

PPS Danse - Corps Amour Anarchie | Léo Ferré - Alexandre Désilets, Anne Plamondon, Jossua Collin-Dufour © Jean-François Leblanc

© Jean-François Leblanc

Created in 2016 to mark the 100th anniversary of Léo Ferré’s birth, Corps Amour Anarchie / Léo Ferré celebrates the work of this great French poet and composer. Conceived and directed by Pierre-Paul Savoie, under the musical direction of Philippe B and Philippe Brault, this interdisciplinary show revisits Ferré’s work in a marvelous amalgam of poetry, music and contemporary dance. Featuring an impressive 15 artists on stage including four singers, five musicians and six dancers, the performance soars to the voices of Bïa, Alexandre Désilets, Michel Faubert and Catherine Major and the choreographies of Anne Plamondon, David Rancourt, Emmanuel Jouthe, Hélène Blackburn and Pierre-Paul Savoie. The songs of Léo Ferré resonate now more than ever through their relevance and sheer magnificence.

The show Corps Amour Anarchie / Léo Ferré can be seen at the Cinquième Salle of Place des Arts on November 8 and 9, 2017 as part of the Coup de cœur francophone. A showcase is also planned for November 28 as part off Parcours Danse, followed by a tour of 14 Québec municipalities in March and April.

This creation benefited from a residency at Place des Arts.

Upcoming Events

Playing Hooky in Hong Kong

PPS Danse - L'École buissonnière - Mathilde Addy-Laird, Chantal Baudouin, Dany Desjardins, Amélie Rajotte - © Rolline Laporte

© Rolline Laporte

For the first time, PPS Danse will be in China! The occasion is ripe to develop new links, to be discovered by a Chinese public always curious and avid for new things, with works from the company’s youth repertoire. The English version of Playing Hooky will be presented at the Hong Kong Arts Festival on March 3 and 4, 2018. An adaptation of the show will also be realized with some 30 youngsters aged 12 to 18 from a disadvantaged neighbourhood of Hong Kong. The fruit of this effort will also be presented at the Hong Kong Cultural Centre on March 5, and in the young performers’ neighbourhood on March 6.

Playing Hooky draws on the unique and captivating world of poet Jacques Prévert, as a celebration of songs, music, children’s rhymes, creativity, perseverance and camaraderie.

L’École buissonnière (Playing Hooky) around Québec

PPS Danse - L'École buissonnière - Amélie Rajotte, Mathilde Addy-Laird, Chantal Baudouin, Dany Desjardins - © Rolline Laporte

© Rolline Laporte

Nearly 50 performances are planned throughout Québec. PPS Dance is especially pleased to be reaching many families and school audiences: a major series of shows will be presented at Beloeil, St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Longueuil and Laval. The company is eager to present the poetry of Prévert to these enthusiastic and attentive audiences. In addition, cultural action activities will be offered in the schools associated with the Maisons de la culture Mercier and Frontenac and at the Salle Pauline-Julien, thanks to support from the City of Montreal and the Une école montréalaise pour tous program of the Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur.

Once again Pierre-Paul Savoie calls upon Benoît Côté who composed the music for Contes pour enfants pas sages (Tales for Naughty Children) and Les chaises (The Chairs). The composer breathes new life into the musical forms of nursery rhymes and children’s songs, accompanied by the voices of Alexandre Désilets and Amylie.

A co-production of PPS Danse and Moncton’s DansEncorps.

Upcoming Events

Bagne à la Maison des arts de Laval

PPS Danse - BAGNE - re-création - © 2015 Rolline Laporte

© Rolline Laporte

Bagne, the company’s highly-acclaimed work, created in 1993 and revisited with performers Lael Stellick and Oliver Koomsatira, will be presented at the Maison des arts de Laval on Wednesday, November 29, 2017.

In offering this creation to a new generation of male dancers and inviting the first-time collaborators to revisit the work, a fresh reality and timelessness is achieved, infusing the original statement. A re-creation whose universality profoundly touches the audience while being discovered by a new public and new generations.

Les chaises (The Chairs)

PPS Danse - Les Chaises - © Rolline Laporte

© Rolline Laporte

Children from the Rivière-des-Prairies–Pointe-aux-Trembles borough will have the chance to see Les chaises (The Chairs), a tragicomedy choreographed by Pierre-Paul Savoie based on the famous play by Ionesco. A series of 8 performances of this show will be presented at the Maison de la culture Pointe-aux-Trembles from April 9 to 12, 2018, featuring seasoned performers Heather Mah and Sylvain Lafortune, with input from Marie-Ève Carrière.

An inspiring program of cultural activities!

Cultural action is a major component of the activities offered by PPS Danse to its young audience. These encounters with teenagers and children prove mutually enriching with both sides giving and receiving. By offering a greater number of youth workshops, the company is extending its creative resources to provide more exchanges and to stimulate the creation of works where different artistic disciplines converge and freedom of expression is highlighted.

For the 2017-2018 season, nearly 300 cultural action workshops will be shared with youngsters from various Montreal neighbourhoods. The workshops will focus mainly on the company’s works for young audiences, namely Les chaises (The Chairs), L’École buissonnière (Playing Hooky) and a new project, Rupture inaugurale. Through all these encounters, the Artistic Director and choreographer, Pierre-Paul Savoie, wishes to foster the discovery and appreciation of this art form which is dance, and to elicit the wonder and curiosity of participants.

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PPS_communique_Saison_2017_2018 (In French)

L’École buissonnière’s Acadian Tour

L’École buissonnière — produced by PPS Danse in co-production with DansEncorps — finished a successful first run of 28 performances in New-Brunswick this fall. Performed by Moncton-based DansEncorps, this 60-minute show for youth audiences already received a successful reception at Montreal’s Petits Bonheurs Festival in May 2015 and was showcased more recently at ROSEQ in October 2015.

PPS Danse will perform l’École buissonnière in the province of Quebec as of Fall 2016. An English version, called Playing Hooky is also in the making.

L’École buissonnière
2015 New Brunswick Tour 
Performed by DansEncorps, Moncton

Grand Sault: 18 October
Edmundston: 20 October
Moncton: 22 October
Dieppe: 27 October
Shédiac: 29 October
Miramichi: 30 October
Caraquet: 2 November
Shippagan: 3 November
Tracadie: 4 et 5 November
Néguac: 6 November
Bathurst: 9 & 10 November
Campbelton: 12 November
Saint-Jean: 16 November
Frédéricton: 17 November
Dieppe: 18 November

BAGNE Re-creation: Premiere in Montreal

Presented in co-production with Danse Danse and in collaboration with Place des Arts, PPS Danse is pleased to announce the international premiere of BAGNE Recréation.

[vimeo id=”120692372″ align=”center” mode=”normal” autoplay=”no” aspect_ratio=”4:3″]

More than 20 years after its original premiere, co-creators Pierre-Paul Savoie and Jeff Hall have reworked one of their most acclaimed creations, Bagne. In this work where theatre and dance merge, the raw force of performers Lael Stellick and Milan Panet-Gigon yields to a universal tenderness. The bodies imprisoned, equally clash and converge in bold and sensitive movement, creating a hymn to freedom and the power and majesty of love.

October 21 to October 31, 2015, 8:00 p.m.
Cinquième salle, Place des Arts
For more informations or to buy tickets : click here ! 

Danse Lhasa Danse … under the trees

PPS Danse and Coup de cœur francophone are delighted to announce that Lhasa de Sela’s vibrant music will again resound on August 11 in the heart of La Fontaine Park.

Conceived and staged by Pierre-Paul Savoie and co-produced by Coup de cœur francophone and PPS Danse, this special tribute performance of Danse Lhasa Danse will be adapted for the occasion. It will bring together on stage Alexandre Désilets, Karen Young and Alejandra Ribeira, accompanied by 5 musicians and 5 dancers in choreographies by Hélène Blackburn, David Rancourt, Edgar Zendejas, Pierre Lecours, Myriam Allard and Pierre-Paul Savoie. A magical encounter of music and dance expressing with passion and humanity the songs and soul of Lhasa de Sela.

Created in 2011 for the 25th edition of the Coup de cœur francophone, Danse Lhasa Danse is an original work dedicated to Lhasa De Sela, whose soul remains deep in our hearts. Following 28 performances in Québec and Canada the show has now reached more than 16,000 spectators. Here’s another chance for Montrealers to see Danse Lhasa Danse before it embarks on an international tour.

La Fontaine Park – Montréal
August 11, 2015 at 8:30 pm

PPS Danse receives the Cultural Mediation Award 2015

TEXT À TRADUIRE — C’est avec grand plaisir que Pierre-Paul Savoie et l’équipe de PPS Danse se sont vus décerner le Prix de l’Action culturelle 2015, pour le projet « Les chaises, de l’idée à la création »  réalisé en partenariat avec la TOHU, remis par madame Manon Gauthier, membre du comité exécutif de la Ville de Montréal, en présence d’une centaine de représentants du milieu culturel.

Ce prix souligne l’engagement des artistes et organismes culturels auprès des populations montréalaises plus éloignées de l’offre culturelle. Avec ce projet, PPS Danse et la TOHU ont impliqué aînés et élèves du primaire du quartier St-Michel dans le processus de création du spectacle Les chaises, inspiré de l’œuvre d’Eugène Ionesco. « Cette année, j’ai le plaisir de remettre le Prix de l’Action culturelle à un artiste et chorégraphe dont le talent et l’engagement ont marqué de façon exceptionnelle la vie culturelle montréalaise depuis 25 ans : Pierre-Paul Savoie. Pour le projet exemplaire qu’il a mené auprès des jeunes et des aînés, et pour l’ensemble de son œuvre », a affirmé Mme Manon Gauthier.

PPS Danse celebrates 25 years

PPS Danse is marking its 25th anniversary with an outstanding program of activities that pays tribute to the remarkable and many-faceted talents of its founder and Artistic Director, Pierre-Paul Savoie.

In this perspective, to highlight the company’s artistic vitality and its shared pleasure in being part of the fresco of contemporary dance in Québec, the PPS Danse team is planning two major events:

Bagne Recréation

The re-creation of Bagne, one of its most acclaimed works, will be presented by Danse Danse in co-production with Place des Arts, from October 21 to 31, 2015, at the Cinquième Salle of Place des Arts.

In re-creating and passing on the choreographic score to a new generation of dancers, co-creators Pierre-Paul Savoie and Jeff Hall promise a gripping and powerful work, expressing the essence of humanity and a timeless theme intensified by the strength, energy and sensuality of the movements.

PPS Danse – Exhibition

A retrospective and themed exhibition at the Espace Georges-Émile-Lapalme of Place des Arts, from early September to mid-October 2015. This special event will showcase the company’s artistic heritage and pay tribute to our invaluable collaborators.

Founder’s Message

25 years. Most of all, it’s a look back to light the way ahead.

Looking back to better grasp the distance we’ve covered and the countless inspiring encounters along the way. In my mind are the managers, collaborators, dancers and actors, all the works and individuals who were there on this long and winding road.

25 years. It’s a time to take stock, to reflect and recall the hits, and the misses too — those that spurred us forward, that helped us to hone our skills, the ways we work, our artistic language. Through all these years, I’ve tried to take the pulse of happenings, to express what stirs me personally as it may also each of you. The works of my own artistic path have formed a human connection. I’ve been able to perceive the humanity, to see the light in the wondering eyes of children. And so I too am given wonder to see the world and to reach and reveal my deepest soul.

Looking back, these 25 years have been an amazing journey, one that inspires and impels me, and gives me faith in the future. May this journey light the way ahead.

In closing, here are 25 candles to mark so many memorable encounters with individuals, artists and outstanding works. May I light one for each of the following:

Jeff Hall, Francine Arseneault,  Bernard Lagacé, Claude Poissant, Michel Lemieux et Victor Pilon, André Montmorency, Jasmine Dubé, Jacques Prévert, Eugène Ionesco, Lhasa de Sela, Dario Fo, Molière, Berthold Brecht, Lise Vaillancourt, Jocelyn Proulx, André Gingras, Luc Dunberry, Alain Chartrand, Marie-Josée Chartier, Benoit Côté, Ginette Bertrand, Richard Morin,  Arnold Brookhuis and Christine Cyr.

Wishing you a pleasant journey through the pages of this website, and I hope we will cross paths at a creative performance or workshop.

The Chairs in Philadelphia and on tour in Québec

In performance or showcased at a location near you, our 2015 schedule already offers an exciting list of activities:

  • In January, PPS Danse was in Philadelphia to present our English version of The Chairs as part of the “Spotlight” series at the International Performing Arts for Youth 2015 (IPAY).
  • On February 15th, The Chairs was presented at the Bourse RIDEAU 2015, followed by an informal discussion with the audience.
  • In 2015, The Chairs takes to the road around the province of Quebec. From Ste-Thérèse to Le Bic by way of Quebec City, check our tour dates for this great show!  Dance and theatre merge to portray the imaginary whims of an elderly couple beset with boredom. Don’t miss this tragicomedy by Eugène Ionesco, a must-see for kids and adults alike!

Watch this recent Interview clip with Pierre-Paul Savoie and Heather Mah, produced by Alejandro Jiménez (English version).

Flashback on 2014: festivals, conferences, tours and workshops…

2014 wrapped up on a high note for the PPS Danse company. With 14 presentations last fall, our works delighted audiences here and abroad, including performances of Tales for Naughty Children in Mexico.

Amid our various missions, conferences and talks (collgiums), Artistic Director, Pierre-Paul Savoie, also devoted his time and talent to creating two new works. Add to this some 75 Introduction to Choreography workshops that captivated and inspired participants young and old.

Catch some of the action in this video clip produced at a workshop in partnership with Salle Pauline-Julien, the CHSLD Vigi Dollard-des-Ormeaux and Danse sur les routes du Québec.

Video of cultural workshop at CHSLD Vigi in Dollard-des-Ormeaux

Caption: Video d’un atelier culturelle au CHSLD Vigi à Dollars-des-Ormeaux (par xxx yyy).


The PPS Danse team wishes to thank all its partners, technicians, artists and designers who so generously give their talent and enthusiasm to achieve the company’s artistic projects. To our audiences and collaborators, we wish you a joyous festive season. May 2015 be a year of exciting creativity for everyone!