Cultural Mediation is a key component of the mission of PPS Danse. Integral to the company’s values of sharing and commitment, the Cultural Mediation Workshops sparks the creative process so vital to all stages of creation, from the germ of an idea, through to the hard work, production and performance.

Through these workshops we are able to connect with children, adults and seniors, to share inventive and playful activities, to affirm a democratic vision of art, to learn about choreography and develop a love for dance.

Workshop “The Chairs”

The aim of these workshops is to spark participants’ interest in contemporary dance through the process of creating choreography in a theatrical setting. Participants assume the roles of actors and choreographers, becoming members of the cast. They are stimulated to explore their interests and talents, trying out mini-roles in the fascinating worlds of choreography, acting and dance.

Workshop “Tales”

Along with its performance of Tales for Naughty Children, PPS Danse offers a series of choreographic initiation workshops for elementary school students. Based on stories by Jacques Prévert, these beginner workshops in choreography spark participants’ interest in contemporary dance and the process of creating choreography.