Danses circassiennes (2005)

A dialogue between dance and circus art.


Danses circassiennes

Geneviève Bessette. Photo : Rolline Laporte

With Danses circassiennes, Pierre-Paul Savoie continues the dialogue between dance and circus art and enriches it.

Choreographer Pierre-Paul Savoie initiates a dialogue between dance and circus arts. The end result is an electrifying hybrid of two distinct and compelling art forms (as well as voice and theatre) that intermingle and meld.

Choreographer and Director: Pierre-Paul Savoie
Repetiteur and Assistant Director: Nathalie Hébert
Interpreters: Geneviève Bessette, Sébastien Domogalla, Claudel Doucet, Xavier Lamoureux, Marie-Andrée Robitaille, Mirko Trierenberg
Invited Artists: Mark Pieklo et Laura Smith
Lighting: François Roupinian
Sound Environment: Marc Deserranno
Costumes: Denis Gagnon
Decor: Jocelyn Proulx
Technical Direction: Martin Bisson


« The term amazing perhaps best describes this work which celebrates the splendour: of the human body with more than just a touch of humour. »
¬ Le Délit, Montréal, Canada