PP, (PP-roni, Pierre-Paul), my friend.

“1982 or 1983, I first saw you at Concordia University in the elevator of the VA building. Everytime the teacher tried to enter, you closed the elevator doors. Frantically pushing buttons, playing the confused innocent, you had everyone screaming with laughter. I wondered “Who is that!!?”.

Summer ‘83, we were partners plastering posters for L6C0. We spent the hot days in relative silence, side by side, moving in peaceful complicity. A rich silence that we often shared when we were alone together.

1984 working on our new creation at the Victoria school, we paused
and fell asleep on the floor. The tops of our heads together. We woke and rushed to the Spectrum for a Laurie Anderson concert, and Harry Standjofski said “Wow, you guys look really relaxed after rehearsal”.

I slept in the guest room after a party one night. The bed was under a window. In the morning you called to me through the kitchen window, across the balcony, and insisted I open my mouth so you could toss me grapes through the windows.

In the choreography of L6C0, 1984, I carried the weight of your light body. Last October 2020 I carried the weight of your light body into the bed. You had given too much that day. You animated the children and neighbours in the park behind the house for hours! Now you were not feeling well.

I went into the bathroom to prepare things. I wanted to say “I love you”. I thought “maybe not now”. Then you called out “Je t’aime Heather”.

PP/Pierre-Paul: “Je t’aime, grande énorme personne de cœur”. Ta vitalité vibre encore, pour tout le monde, de ta grande générosité – dans le silence, la résonance de ta profondeur.”

Heather Mah