Founder’s Message

25 years. Most of all, it’s a look back to light the way ahead.

Looking back to better grasp the distance we’ve covered and the countless inspiring encounters along the way. In my mind are the managers, collaborators, dancers and actors, all the works and individuals who were there on this long and winding road.

25 years. It’s a time to take stock, to reflect and recall the hits, and the misses too — those that spurred us forward, that helped us to hone our skills, the ways we work, our artistic language. Through all these years, I’ve tried to take the pulse of happenings, to express what stirs me personally as it may also each of you. The works of my own artistic path have formed a human connection. I’ve been able to perceive the humanity, to see the light in the wondering eyes of children. And so I too am given wonder to see the world and to reach and reveal my deepest soul.

Looking back, these 25 years have been an amazing journey, one that inspires and impels me, and gives me faith in the future. May this journey light the way ahead.

In closing, here are 25 candles to mark so many memorable encounters with individuals, artists and outstanding works. May I light one for each of the following:

Jeff Hall, Francine Arseneault,  Bernard Lagacé, Claude Poissant, Michel Lemieux et Victor Pilon, André Montmorency, Jasmine Dubé, Jacques Prévert, Eugène Ionesco, Lhasa de Sela, Dario Fo, Molière, Berthold Brecht, Lise Vaillancourt, Jocelyn Proulx, André Gingras, Luc Dunberry, Alain Chartrand, Marie-Josée Chartier, Benoit Côté, Ginette Bertrand, Richard Morin,  Arnold Brookhuis and Christine Cyr.

Wishing you a pleasant journey through the pages of this website, and I hope we will cross paths at a creative performance or workshop.