Jeff Hall

Jeffrey Hall has been a performing artist, dancer, actor, choreographer and director/choreographer for 28 years. He has extensive knowledge in many artistic fields, which has enabled him to create in small theatres as well as on the largest stages in the world. His prolific artistic career continues with creative explorations in dance, film, theatre, and circus arts, as an artist, choreographer or director. Known for his spectacular blend of athletic performance with an unparalleled artistic eclecticism, he innovates by bringing together humour, dialogue and performance in a very theatrical physical style.

In 1989 and 1990, Jeffrey Hall won the title of Canadian Frisbee Freestyle Champion, and it was this sport that brought him to the performing arts. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Contemporary Dance from Concordia University, and has worked with many independent choreographers in Montreal and with international companies, including Quebec’s top directors in dance, theatre and film.

For more than ten years, he has also created works in collaboration with his artistic partner, Pierre-Paul Savoie, earning international recognition as a dancer and choreographer.

His eclectic creative style has earned him a reputation as a choreographer in physical theatre. He works on the essence of situations, challenged by the scene, design and architectural structure. Jeff Hall has never shied away from the challenges, and has worked with the unique attributes of each artist, whether they are dancers, actors, athletes or circus acrobats.

In recent years, he has worked closely with some of Quebec’s most imminent creators and directors of actors, which allows him to continue to develop his own skills as a creator and director. He assisted Gilles Maheu in the creation of his latest Carbon 14 show, La bibliothèque and also directed the production when it was revived in 2005. The renowned Robert Lepage also welcomed him to his team as his assistant during the resumption of the Dragon Trilogy in June 2003. At the same time, he was supporting a Montreal theatre magician, Marie Brassard, in the direction of her new production, La noirceur. The fall of 2004 was the ideal time to enter the Institut national de l’Image et du Son (INIS) where he completed the film directing program.

Jeffrey Hall recently worked on the choreographies for Zaia 2008 and Totem 2010, by Cirque du Soleil. TOTEM and currently on a world tour.

In 2011, Jeffrey had the right time to take over the direction of a permanent traditional dance and circus arts show in Bali (Indonesia), Devdan and in 2012 Jeff returned to the stage for the first time in ten years with his choreography touching Falling.

He then wrote and directed Circo Jumbo in 2013, which was created in Chile and presented to 350,000 people in Chile and Peru. In 2014, another Circo Jumbo creation was presented to 500,000 people in 120 arenas in Peru, Chile and Colombia.

In July 2014, he wrote and directed and Harricana – Le spectacle, an outdoor and interdisciplinary production for 55 artists, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the city of Amos in Abitibi and presented to 20,000 people.