PPS Danse - Pierre-Paul Savoie - © 2012 Rolline Laporte

Pierre-Paul Savoie

Since ceasing his career as actor-dancer in 2010, Pierre Paul Savoie has progressively redefined his role within the company. He continues to choreograph while now concentrating more fully on his role as Artistic Director, with the opportunity to renew his own artistic vision.

For the company, this is also a time of transitioning as PPS Danse moves from a model of single choreographer to an open structure of creation emphasizing the notions of “exchange” and “sharing”.

As Artistic Director, Pierre-Paul shapes the projects, bringing artists together to work in symbiosis, in the service of the works, sharing creative space, and striving for accessibility in the creations that retain his distinctive artistic signature.

Through increasing collaborations with artists from different horizons, Pierre-Paul refines his own style and discovers new possibilities. From other writings, he redefines his own language. His best examples of this include: Diasporama, Tales for Naughty Children,   Danse Lhasa DanseThe Chairs  and Bagne-recréation.