Openness, creativity, humanism, sharing and commitment are qualities that drive the company’s activities. These values not only inspire the creation of original choreographic works, but also PPS Danse’s efforts to democratize contemporary dance, to bring it to a wider audience.

Since its founding in 1989 by choreographer, dancer and stage director Pierre-Paul Savoie, PPS Danse has pursued a mission to create and stage choreographic works in the dance-theatre genre. Through the years, PPS Danse has added cultural initiatives to its activities, maintaining its position as a pillar in Quebec’s dance community by investing in three major areas: the young audience, the general public and cultural initiatives.

The company has given over 650 performances, presenting some 20 works in a dozen countries in North America, Latin America and Europe. Regardless of the area of creation, each work is marked by interdisciplinarity in form and humanity in content.


The company’s artistic approach emphasizes the principle of encounter: the meeting of artists, shared themes and artistic languages, a meeting of works, communities, and different audiences. PPS Danse explores areas of encounter that both diverge and converge, albeit towards a common goal: to have young and adult audiences discover and cultivate an interest in dance.

Theatricality is also a rich component of the choreographic effort. The body gives expression to the choreographic vocabulary, as gestural adjunct to the drama and narrative, through expressivity, communicability and humanity.

Cultural Initiatives

Cultural initiatives are central to the artistic creation so vital to the company. Each work is a pretext to meet with people, to interconnect and adapt to the contexts of life of different audiences. The company seeks to awaken the audience’s interest and curiosity about contemporary dance, to provide understanding, a critical perception and an affinity for this artistic form of expression. It does this through performances, workshops, conferences and discussion forums led by Pierre-Paul Savoie and his team at schools, community centres and professional milieus, initiatives that serve to forge invaluable partnerships.