Workshop “Tales”

Choreographic initiation workshops for elementary school students

Along with its performance of Tales for Naughty Children, PPS Danse offers a series of choreographic initiation workshops for elementary school students. Based on stories by Jacques Prévert, these beginner workshops in choreography spark participants’ interest in contemporary dance and the process of creating choreography.

Presented in the form of a game, the workshops use animal movements from Prévert’s Tales for Naughty Children as the subject of the choreography. The workshop activities include reading a story, exploring gestural movements, devising a choreographic sequence and staging a mini-performance.

To create bridges between the artist and the public, the workshops offer access to contemporary dance through literature, theatre, music and song. Presented at schools and community centres, they take the form of one-hour workshops led by professional actors and choreographers.

Photos “Tales for Naughty Children”workshop held in Mexico during our tour in 2014.