L'école buissonnière


Designed from the show and eminently attractive themes from Playing Hooky, our workshops interweave poetry, songs, theater and dance. Inspired by the playful world of Jacques Prévert, these choreographic initiation workshops create bridges between literacy and contemporary dance. Our goal is to make participants aware of the choreographic creation process while stimulating their creativity.

To do this, the workshop uses the words of a nursery rhyme as a pretext to explore movement, dance. The participants thus discover the parallels between words and gestures, writing (calligraphy) and choreographic writing. They are guided by the animator in the invention of movements that are then assembled into choreographic phrases. The next step is to bring together nursery rhyme and choreography while emphasizing the notion of interpretation. The workshop concludes with the presentation of the created choreography.

Proposed in schools, in the community or in the theater hall, the workshops generally last for 50 minutes and are led by professional interpreters and choreographers.