Alternating the creation of choreographic works for the General Public and Young Audiences, PPS Danse explores the poignancy and delight of human themes, mixing theatrical motifs and drawing spectators into a world where the imaginary and reality merge. From Bagne-recréation (2015), to Danse Lhasa Danse (2011), by way of The Chairs (2013), Pierre-Paul Savoie brings together the generous inspiration of professional creators and collaborators to permanently renew his stage expression.

Corps Amour Anarchie /
Léo Ferré

Corps Amour Anarchie is an original encounter between the œuvre of Léo Ferré et contemporary dance. The show has 15 artists on stage.


Confined in a huge metal structure, two men embrace under the watchful eyes of captivated spectators. In this intense and moving amalgam of dance and theatre, a humanly brutal force transforms to a universal tenderness.

The Chairs

In this choreographic tragicomedy, an elderly couple, aged 94 and 95, to ward off boredom, solitude and isolation, welcome a steady stream of imaginary guests at their door. This original adaptation of Eugène Ionescu’s play seamlessly integrates dance, theatre and music.

Danse Lhasa Danse

Un spectacle où, tel un chœur dans une cathédrale, la danse, les mots et la musique se fondent en une seule voix pour faire écho à l’œuvre de Lhasa de Sela qui nous appelle à célébrer la vie en toute sérénité.