Workshop “The Chairs”

Choreographic initiation workshops

In addition to its performance of The Chairs, PPS Danse is giving choreographic initiation workshops at schools and community centres, based on Eugène Ionesco’s play, The Chairs, in a choreographic adaptation by the company.

The aim of these workshops is to spark participants’ interest in contemporary dance through the process of creating choreography in a theatrical setting. The workshop activities include reading excerpts from Ionesco’s play, exploring gestural movements, devising a choreographic sequence and, finally, staging a mini-performance. Participants assume the roles of actors and choreographers, becoming members of the cast and production crew too. In this way, they are stimulated to explore their interests and talents, trying out mini-roles in the fascinating worlds of choreography, acting and dance.

To create bridges between the artist and the public, the workshops offer access to contemporary dance through literature, theatre and music. They take the form of one or more group gatherings with half-hour workshops led by professional actors and choreographers.

Workshop “The Chairs” for children:


Workshop “The Chairs” for retired persons at Villeray :

View our workshop with retired people on Vimeo: